Start your real estate career journey with RM188 in 2022

Start Your Real Estate Career

Join IQI iRealty Group now for only RM188. Yes, that’s right. For RM188, you can get and use all the conveniences of the renowned international property technology group. Helping you take your real estate career to the next level.

 IQI iRealty Group has never pressed the “pause button”. During this period, virtual house purchases and online activities were continuously implemented and achieved good results. With the continuous extension of the MCO, real estate agents have entered the ranks of online sales and integrated into the “new normal” of real estate sales in Malaysia. The way of life and career has been completely different from the past. IQI iRealty Group has achieved a feat of more RM1 billion  with the efforts of an outstanding team!

5 steps to start your business

RM188 The first step in starting a real estate business

Click to register and become a member of the IQI iRealty Group.

IQI iRealty Group, is the champion technology real estate team in Malaysia. We use technology cleverly to integrate real estate into it. Our platform allows every real estate agent to permeate the convenience of the 5G era in applying for membership, training, online viewing, and even closing deals with customers.

In addition, because the company is developing vigorously and has a strong capital chain.

All real estate agents who join our family can enjoy a 5-day fast commission commission experience.

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RM188 The second step to start a real estate career

You will receive calls from relevant leaders to learn from you and ensure follow-up content. Here, if you have any questions, you can also ask the relevant leaders.

IQI iRealty Group is the real estate sales team that has won the championship for 6 consecutive years. We uphold the belief of We left no one behind and are your reliable technology real estate platform.

RM188 The third step to start a real estate career

When everything is ready and you join the IQI iRealty Group, you will get a link to our [24-hour online training] platform – IQI University. The 14-day Kick Start Program will pave the way for your real estate career. There are also mock quizzes to assess your real estate knowledge level. 24 hours a day online, super backup, so you have no worries. IQI iRealty Group keeps up with the changes of the times and embraces technology. The era of high-tech real estate will bring unlimited development potential to real estate intermediaries. We have created 【Thousands】partners whose income exceeds one million.

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RM188 The fourth step to start a real estate career

You are doing great after completing the 14-day Kick Start Program!

You can then assess your real estate knowledge level with an online mock exam. You will have the convenience of 24-hour unlimited playback and reference of all real estate knowledge.

RM188 The fifth step to start a real estate career

Start your business! Develop your real estate business! At IQI iRealty Group you will have the opportunity to receive welcome bonus *iPhone, *iPad, *Macbook

Based on current developments, the trend of personal branding and online marketing is unstoppable. Make good use of the convenience of the Internet and build yourself. IQI iRealty Group has many outstanding leaders who have already made a fortune on the Internet. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, it has achieved amazing results.

*Subject to terms and conditions

*RM188 membership fee and welcome bonus until 31March 2021

The opportunity of RM188 is at your fingertips

Click to join our champion team with RM188 now.

Let’s join IQI iRealty Group, the TOP real estate team in Malaysia – the sales volume will reach 27Bil in 2020!

we provide

  • 5-day commission system
  • luxury car allowance
  • housing allowance
  • Private driver allowance
  • Has more than 400+ development projects
  • Cooperate with up to 50 developers



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